tci cutting awards and History

Tci cutting Awards and history

Tecnología de Corte e Ingeniería, S.L. (TCI) was founded in 2001 after six years of research and development in water jet cutting technology

This Spanish company, located in Guadassuar (Valencia), is dedicated to the designing, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale services of water jet cutting machines under the brand name “TCI Cutting”.

For TCI Cutting, quality means that our customers are satisfied and their expectations fulfilled. Our work was recognized in 2010 with the prize Jaume I “Enterprising” presented to our executive manager. This award has international recognition. It acknowledges his passion and dedication and great support to research and development. These qualities have allowed for a constant evolution of the company, its products and services. Emilio Mateu Sentamans has been the first winner of this “Enterprising Award”, making history in Jaume I prizes.

Jaime I awards were created in 1989 to favor and promote research among the different scientific institutions and companies. Their main goal is to promote research and scientific development in Spain. Since 1989, 96 Scientifics have been awarded with this prize. They have been selected by a qualified panel, some of which 45 have participated as a jury Novel Prize. In 2010 there were 12 Novel Prize in the jury.

Jaime I awrds - enterprising of the year 2010

Princess Margarita delivers the "Enterprising" award to TCI Cutting

Jaime I awrds - enterprising of the year
profesional cutting

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