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Waterjet cutting machines developed by TCI Cutting, combine experience and technology with the properties of water under high pressure. Therefore, these systems allow unique cutting of a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Cuts that are impossible to make with other methods are easily cut with a water jet as it uses speeds that can reach up to three times the speed of sound and pressure higher than 6,000 bars.

Waterjet Cutting Machines offered by TCI Cutting are the result of a meticulous and individualised study of each of the components, in order to obtain the highest quality of the final product.

The Waterjet Cutting Machines are manufactured by TCI Cutting, to meet the needs of each customers and companies.

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We have been producing and developing water jet cutting for more than a decade. Our support to technology and innovation has allowed TCI Cutting to expand our products and to create a new line of laser cutters.

We produce the most up to date technology in the laser cutting field. Our laser division combines high quality with high performance to satisfy our customers’ needs and offers excellent after sales services.

As in all TCI series, The TCI Laser Cutting Division combines a high quality and reliable product with high performances, high speed, precision, versatility and low maintenance costs.

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